Significant experience in the design of wireless cell phone radio base station (RBS) facilities design including rooftop RBS equipment platforms, stealth antenna cupolas and enclosed antenna towers, RF transparent antenna assemblies and screens, existing facility modifications for new RBS cellular equipment, roof structural capacity analyses, antenna retrofitting and communications towers (both free-standing and guyed) engineering and design.

Survey, Subdivision and Entitlements

  • Boundary and topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, as-built plans, legal descriptions and exhibits.
  • Street vacations and dedications, lot line adjustments, condo plans, tentative and final tract maps, preliminary and final parcel maps.
  • Zoning and Land use entitlements, land use application preparation, permitting processes and attending public hearings, processing tentative and final Tract maps through the local governing agencies

Water and Waste Water

Experienced in hydrology studies, gravity and pressurized hydraulic design for large storm drainage systems, sanitary sewer systems, high and low pressure water distribution networks, pump stations and tanks, regional open-channel water supply systems, dams and reservoirs, and storm water detention/retention facilities.

Site, Infrastructure and Sustainability

Experienced in grading and drainage design for all varieties of land development projects including commercial buildings, residential tracts and industrial sites. Also experienced in the design of street improvement plans, erosion control and SWPPP plans, SUSMP and Low Impact Site Design, mass/rough grading plans and residential lot studies.

Specialized Structures

Experienced in the detailed structural and seismic design of buildings of all types in steel, concrete, masonry and timber. Experience includes the structural design of retaining walls, large drainage structures, freezer buildings, pallet storage racks, utility vaults, communications towers and underground facilities.

Special Purpose Facilities and Sites

Special civil/structural design experience includes airfield pavement and aviation-related facilities, food processing and storage facilities, missile and pyrotechnic magazines, destructive test facilities, high-power microwave test ranges and the structural design of waste and water treatment facilities. Achieved an excellent record of coordinating and obtaining construction document approvals from governing agencies on all levels in support of complex and specialized facilities and infrastructure projects.

Drone Photography and Videography of Sites

Providing Drone photography and videography to architects, developers, contractors and Real Estate professionals for documentation and presentation of their site design using the latest in aerial photography and videography. LaCiura Consultants is expert in producing high resolution photos and videos of buildings and sites including due diligence, “before and after”, construction progress and commissioning work. All photography, production and editing is done in house, suitable for document and online publicity and recordation purposes.

Seismic Upgrades

Older homes and buildings built before the 1950s, even though built of excellent quality materials and constructed well at the time, have weakened response to earthquakes when compared with newer structures. Structural plywood, concrete and modern timber connectors can be employed to strengthen these kinds of buildings using cost effective techniques. Our services include building inspection and strengthening design, and we work with several local licensed contractors who specialize in this work. Structures otherwise not improved can suffer significant damage to foundation walls and footings and can drift dangerously out of alignment.