Communications Facilities Engineering Projects

National Parks Service, 4-Carrier Co-Location Wireless Radio Base Station, Fort Baker, CAKaiser Santa Clara, 3-Carrier Co-Location Wireless RBS, Santa Clara, CAModeo Communications Site Feasibility Project, 18 Locations, Greater San Francisco Bay Area
Cingular, South San Francisco Communications Tower, South San Francisco, CA
Verizon, Anguin Communications Tower Upgrades, Anguin, CA
Cingular, Bochman Stealth Cell Tower, San Lorenzo, CA
Nextlink Microwave Tower Upgrades, 9 Locations, Greater Sacramento Area, CA
Cingular, BART Tower Modifications, South Downtown Berkeley, CA
Verizon, English Hill Tower Analysis, Sebastopol, CA
Cingular, McArthur Tunnel, Excelsior, Marchant Building, Swedish American Hall, Civic Center RBS projects, San Francisco, CA
Verizon Wireless Emergency Generator Upgrade Projects, 27 Locations, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Dow Chemical Water Tower Antenna Upgrades, Pittsburg, CA
AT&T Joint Pole Antenna Upgrades, 14 Locations, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Testing, Evaluation and Special Purpose Facilities

US Navy, WSL Test Pad and HP Microwave Facilities Additions, NAWC China Lake, CA
Modern Videofilm Production Facilities, Shamrock Gateway Plaza, Burbank, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company, 10/601 Classified Parts Storage Modifications, Palmdale, CA
Northrop Advanced Systems Division Anechoic Chamber Facility, Pico Rivera, CA
Douglas Aircraft Company, Gray Butte High Power Microwave Test Range, Palmdale, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company Plant 2/229, 2/206 LRAACA Laboratories, Rye Canyon, CA
Northrop Advanced Systems Division M&P, FCSIL, ATE/T&E Laboratories, Pico Rivera, CA

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

US Navy, Port Hueneme Paint Booth Building, NCBC Port Hueneme, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company Plant 9 Building 970 Maintenance Building, Helendale, CA
General Dynamics Stinger Post Guidance System Manufacturing Facilities, Pomona, CA
Douglas Aircraft Company Buildings 172/180, Long Beach, CA
Singer-Librascope Manufacturing Buildings 1 and 3, Burbank, CA
3M Irvine Manufacturing Building 1, Irvine, CA
Northrop Advanced Systems Division Line Bore Facilities, Pico Rivera, CA

Structural Design and Rehabilitation Projects

Niles Depot Reconstruction Project, Fremont, CA
Bayshore Roundhouse Rehabilitation Project, Brisbane, CA
Amtrak Service Facility Seismic Rehabilitation Project, West Oakland, CA
University of Virginia Life Safety Condition Assessment Surveys, 16 Facilities, Charlottesville, VA
Associated Grocers Main Warehouse Structural, Seismic and Facility Expansion Project, Seattle, WA
Aetna, Office Headsquarters Facilities, Hartford, CT
Lockheed Advanced Development Company, Plant 2 Bldg. 201 Wind Tunnel Rehabilitation, Rye Canyon, CA
Douglas Aircraft Company, Plant C1 Building 1 Seismic Upgrades, Long Beach, CA
TRW Capistrano Test Site Building 43AT, San Juan Capistrano, CA
US Postal Service RCTC Seismic Rehabilitation Project, Brisbane, CA

Classified/Secure/Detention Facilities

City of San Francisco DPW New Main Jail, San Bruno, CA
City of San Francisco Juvenile Hall, Laguna Honda, San Francisco, CA
US Air Force Classified Destruction Facility, Vandenberg AFB, CA
Hughes Aircraft Company, Building 17, Long Beach, CA
US Navy, New Missile Magazines, NAWC China Lake, CA
County of Ventura Pretrial Detention Facilities, Ventura, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company, Plant 10 Building 601 Flight Test Offices, Palmdale, CA
Northrop Advanced Systems Division, Apollo Building, Pico Rivera, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company, Central Fire Station, Palmdale, CA
US Air Force SRB Retrieval and Disassembly Facilities, Port Hueneme, CA
Lockheed Advanced Development Company, B1/U33 EPSO/CIEM Facilities, Burbank, CA

Civil and Site Engineering Projects

Long Marine Laboratory (NOAA) Saltwater Intake and Distribution System, Santa Cruz, CA
Los Angeles County MTA, First and Boyle (Mariachi Plaza) Red Line Extension, East Los Angeles, CA
EFA West Airfield Improvement Project, Fallon Naval Air Station, CA
US Navy Ordnance Assembly/Deployment Facilities, NAF El Centro, CA
US Marine Corps Stormwater Protection Project P-202, Camp Pendelton, CA
US Air Force, STS Security Modifications, Vandenberg AFB, CA
Lockheed/SPTC Bridge Removal/Replacement Project, Plant B1, Burbank, CA
TRW Test Site Utility System Additions, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Douglas Aircraft Company Buildings 15/76/86 Utility System Upgrades, Long Beach, CA
California Department of General Services, Ukiah Air Attack Base, Ukiah, CA

Commercial Development and Multi-Use Projects

Forest City, Bloomingdale’s Project (12 story multi-use and hotel), San Francisco, CA
Catellus, Pacific Commons (800 acre multi-use development), Fremont, CA
Hines, 560 Mission Street Project (40-story high rise, plaza and connecting street corridor), San Francisco, CA
CIM Group, Downtown Redevelopment Projects (3 block multi-use development), San Jose, CA
Wilson Equity, Foundry Square (First and Howard) Project, 4 Block multi-use Project, San Francisco, CA
Swinerton & Walberg, 235 Second Street Project (6-story office development and plaza), San Francisco, CA
Hampshire Properties, 888 Howard Street Project (40-story hotel/residential development), San Francisco, CA
Millennium Partners, Jessie Square (3 level underground structure/plaza/street corridor), San Francisco, CA
SKS Investments, Inc., Bryant Square Project (1-block mixed use development), San Francisco, CA
Swinerton & Walberg, 69 Clementina Project (3-story office building) San Francisco, CA
North Beach Housing Project (2-block 225 unit residential development), San Francisco, CA